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Our Vehicle Service Agreement

Absolute Leasing includes a 2 year/ 30,000 mile service agreement* on all its Absolute Leasing vehicles. Our service agreement will protect our customers from the expense of mechanical failure for the duration of the lease. We also include discounted oil changes every 3000 miles throughout the Absolute Leasing term.

We give our customers the peace of mind while leasing a fully serviced vehicle.

All our vehicles are mechanically inspected and serviced prior to sale or lease. We want to ensure a reliable and safe vehicle for our customers.

Please review our service agreement coverage on all our leased vehicles.


All internally lubricated parts, camshaft and bearings, connecting rods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder block, main bearings, oil pump and gears, pick-up screen, pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, cylinder heads, push rods, rocker arms and shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters. Damage caused to the engine or transmission from overheating the vehicle is not covered!


Cylinder head gaskets and intake manifold gaskets are not covered. All other seals and gaskets are not covered as a result of a covered repair.


Automatic: All internally lubricated parts, case, torque converter, lock-up converter, gears and shafts, bearings, bushings, bands, clutch plates, friction and steel drums, pump, servo unit, valve body and plate, governor. Manual: All internally lubricated parts, case, bearings, bushings, gears, shafts, synchronizers, spacers, main drive gear, main shaft, shift forks, synchronizer drums, overdrive housing. (Exclusions are clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, linkage, cables, shifter, electronic switches, solenoids, and clutch slave cylinders).


All internally lubricated parts, transfer case, bearings, bushings, chains, gears, sleeves, and sprockets.


Labor charges shall be based on the current Motor’s Labor Guide and rates shall be within accepted industry standards.


Any fluids required as a result of a covered repair. (Exclusions are: air conditioning refrigerant, filters and oil additives).


Absolute Leasing will provide a full service oil change and inspection every 3000 miles at a discounted charge to the contract holder. This service will be provided for the term or miles, whichever comes first, of the service contract. You must bring your vehicle to Absolute Leasing Service Center for the discounted oil change service and inspection. Absolute Leasing will not reimburse for any oil change service not provided through Absolute Leasing Service Center.


Read this section carefully. If you fail to maintain your vehicle according to the requirements listed, coverage could be restricted or void. It is your responsibility to have your vehicle serviced according to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. While under contract, you must keep all service records including proof of oil changes for every 3000 miles. Make sure the receipts clearly show the date and the mileage when the service was performed. Failure to provide these receipts can result in denial of your claim.


Repairs or replacements without prior authorization. Diagnostic charges and any repairs not performed by one of Absolute Leasing approved repair facility. Damage to your motor and/or transmission caused by overheating your vehicle. This will void any claims to your motor or transmission. Replacement of maintenance items such as, but not limited to, radios, shocks, struts, sensors, electrical or electronic components not included in service contract, batteries, tires, wheel alignments, tune ups, external leaks caused by gaskets, headlights, bulbs, belts, hoses, etc... Damage caused by misuse or neglect; any part covered under existing factory warranty, recalls, road club, insurance policy, or any other guarantee; any damage to a covered part caused by collision, theft, fire, or repossession. Any vehicle use commercially, any vehicle altered mechanically to increase performance not intended by the manufacturer. Loss of time, expense, storage charges, loss of vehicle use, loss of income or any other consequential damages, including loss damage or injury to persons or property resulting from a failure of the above listed covered or non-covered parts.


Use all reasonable means to protect your vehicle from further damage resulting from continued operation. Please call Absolute Leasing at (847) 888-9100. Please give your name, date of purchase or rent and a description of the mechanical failure. Based on the mechanical problem, Absolute Leasing will refer you to one of our recommended repair shops to service your vehicle. You must have your vehicle serviced at one of our approved repair shops. You must authorize any charges necessary to determine the cause of failure. This includes necessary diagnostic and teardown charges. If it is determined that the failure was a result of a non covered item, you must pay for all diagnostic, teardown, and repair charges. All payments on the vehicle loan, lease, and vehicle insurance must be current and up to date. Any delinquencies or laps in insurance coverage is a condition of default and must be cured immediately before any service will be authorized. We reserve the right to request proof of this information prior to authorizing repairs. * Subject to a $100 deductible per occurrence.


This service agreement is cancelled upon termination of rent, repossession or option to purchase is exercised.